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Our Mission:

We are a community of parents, educators, and kids whose primary purpose is to promote literacy by boosting children's interest and appetite for books.  We commit to doing so primarily by providing an educational and inspirational atmosphere where kids and books can connect in the most positive, practical, and exciting way. 

Our Belief:

We firmly believe that kids tend to view books more favorably when they are offered to them as gems to explore, rather than tasks to tackle.  Children's books author Mem Fox writes, "When I say to a parent, read to a child, I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate." This is exactly what we want books to sound like, chocolate. Once they develop this favorable view and connection with books, you have a book kid for life.

Our Motto:

Promoting literacy by boosting kids' interest and appetite for books.

Promoting Literacy by Boosting Kids' Interest and Appetite for Books

About Book Kids

Word From Our Kids

Welcome to our wonderful world of children's books. We are delighted to have you here. We are book kids, ordinary kids with extraordinary passion and appetite for books. We love books and love to share our love for books. We believe that every kid has the potential to be a book kid, with the help of adults willing and committing to feeding his or her book appetite. If you are that adult, you are in the right place.